Originally complied by: Gwendolyn Stewart McFall
What we know of the Stewart Family lineage begins with Douglas Stewart in the hills of south Mississippi.   Douglas Stewart was born in June 1834 in Woodville, Mississippi (Wilkinson County), although his parents are unknown.  He married Amelia Richardson (born in June 1939) on July 1, 1869 and to this union 10 children were born (6 boys and 4 girls) .  The children were as follows:

Nolan Charles Stewart (born in Nov 1859; married Patsy Perkins)
Emma Stewart (born in Dec 1868; married Nathan Stout)
Robert David Stewart (born in April 1870; married Grace, then Adline Coon)
Mary Stewart (born in Jan 1872)
Luna Stewart (born in Jun 1873; married Webster Coon)
Putnam Stewart (born in Feb 1876; married Fayette Williams, Sr.)
Eddie Stewart (born in may 1877; married Elizabeth Lawrence)
Douglas Stewart, Jr. (born in Jan 1879; married Rose Arnett, then Mosella Coon)
Johnny V. Stewart (born in 1882; married Laura Smith, then Earlie Mae)
Charles R. Stewart (born in 1883; married Isabelle Dunmars, Pearl J, then Janie L.)

Douglas and Amelia reared their children on a prosperous plantation in Woodville called "The Stewart Place" which contained a church, family cemetary, commissary, fruit orchards, and large vegetable gardens.  "The Stewart Place" served the total needs of this family and the family cemetary actually still stands today.
This lineage begins the first generation of our family tree and this is how the Stewart family history became OUR history!